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SphygmoCor CPV

SphygmoCor CPV

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Product Information

The CPV system enables the measurement of both central aortic blood pressure, augument stiffness index (AxI) but also  pulse wave velocity along a specific arterial segment.

The velocity of the pressure wave along the artery is dependent upon the stiffness of the artery. This system is most commonly used to measure the aortic pulse wave velocity, by taking a reading at the carotid artery and the femoral artery.

SphygmoCor technology is fully validated and has been featured in hundreds of published clinical studies.

It is used in leading medical centres worldwide and in pharmaceutical clinical trials.The SphygmoCor system acquires the patient’s radial pulse waveform noninvasively by applanation tonometry, derives the pressure waveform of the ascending aorta and reports vital central blood pressure data.

The SphygmoCor CPV system also measures pulse wave velocity between two arterial sites. Carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity is the recognized gold standard for aortic stiffness, a strong independent predictor of cardiovascular risk.


  • SphygmoCor® CPV is a simple-to-use  Pulse Wave Velocity system, with automated software analysis and database facilities
  • The pulse waveform recordings and ECG recordings are extensively evaluated to ensure consistent quality of raw data
  • Instantaneous calculation of key parameters, including:
    • Central Pressure Waveform
    • Pulse Wave Velocity
    • Aortic Pulse Pressure
    • Aortic Systolic Pressure
    • Aortic Augmentation Index
    • Ejection Duration
  • Automatic, real-time QA feedback leading to minimal operator variability
  • Only one operator required
  • Noninvasive tests
  • Comfortable for patients
  • Heart Rate Variability Option


  • Measures both central pressure and carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity noninvasively
  • Pulse wave velocity recognised by international guidelines as a marker of sub-clinical organ damage and an independent predictor of cardiovascular risk
  • Central pressure has been shown to be a superior, independent predictor of future cardiovascular events than peripheral pressure
  • Allows assessment of vital drug effects that cannot be detected with brachial pressure measurements
  • Provides patients with visual evidence of the effects of lifestyle changes and drug therapies


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