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SphygmoCor XCEL

SphygmoCor XCEL

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Product Information

Two versions of the XCEL are available:

SphygmoCor XCEL PWA

The SphygmoCor XCEL PWA device provides measurement Central Aortic Blood Pressure and Augmentation index in 60 seconds. A brachial pressure cuff is placed on the patients arm, over the brachial artery. The SphygmoCor XCEL, with the press of just one button, takes the patients brachial systolic and diastolic pressure, and then captures the patient’s brachial waveform. The brachial waveform is then analyzed by the SphygmoCor Brachial GTF to provide a Central aortic waveform, and Central Blood pressure measurements such as Central Aortic Systolic BP, Central Pulse pressure and Augmentation index are also displayed.

The Patient’s measurement is displayed in relation to reference values based on the patients’ age and sex. So in this case the patient’s central Pulse pressure (PP), Augmented Pressure (AP) and the Augmentation index (Aix) are normal for age, but the Central Systolic pressure is outside of the normal range for this patient’s age. The Software also displays the SphygmoCor reference age. The SphygmoCor Reference Age for any given patient, is the age of healthy people in the population who have similar PWA parameters SphygmoCor XCEL is a fast, accurate and painless way to measure Central BP.

SphygmoCor XCEL is a fast, accurate and painless way to measure Central BP.

SphygmoCor XCEL PWA and PWV

The SphygmoCor XCEL PWA and PWV Device provides measurement of a patient’s Central Aortic blood pressure and augmentation index in 60 seconds, as well as a measurement of the patients carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity. (cf-PWV).

To conduct a cf-PWV measurement, a cuff is placed around the femoral artery of the patient to capture the femoral waveform, and a tonometer pressure sensor is used to capture the Carotid waveform. The Pulses are collected over a pre-set time, the Pulse transit time which is the time that the pulse takes to travel from the carotid artery to the femoral artery. The distance between the Carotid and femoral arteries is measured, and the velocity automatically determined by dividing the distance by the Pulse transit time.

The Pulse Wave Velocity report, outlining the patient’s Pulse wave velocity and a comparison to Healthy and General Populations is then produced by the SphygmoCor software. In this example the patient has a Pulse Wave Velocity of 6.3 m/s, which is a low level compared to both the Healthy and General population.

SphygmoCor XCEL is a fast, accurate and simple to measure carotid femoral pulse wave velocity

The SphygmoCor XCEL features:

  • Measurement of Central Blood Pressure or Pulse Wave Velocity in 60 seconds.
  • Augmentation index and Augmented pressure to assess peripheral arterial stiffness.
  • Simple PWA technique – place the cuff on the arm and press start.
  • SphygmoCor Brachial General Transfer Function – so you know it is accurate.
  • Gold standard carotid-femoral Pulse Wave Velocity – no undressing required.
  • Data equivalency with earlier SphygmoCor systems.

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