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High Resolution HRV and autonomic function

High Resolution HRV and autonomic function

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Product Information

A unique diagnostic package that combines researchers and clinicians the ability to screen population groups for heart rate variability (HRV) and autonomic disfunction.
The fastest available sampling rate at 8000Hz (samples per second) and highest resolution (15bit) detects R-Peaks extremely accurately. The dedicated Medilog Darwin HRV software presents time-domain, frequency-domian and FFT plots/data without the requirement to analyse or edit recordings.
  • Reduce costs by researching your patients with poor HRV
  • Ensure HRV is controlled in Hypertensive and diabetic patients
  • Stratify risk post infarction
  • Stress management and occupational health applications
  • Built in actigraphy
If you haven't got Medilog Darwin HRV then you can't see QRS width, let alone R-Peaks.... can you?

Medilog Darwin HRV is not a Holter system it is an independent screening device.

Just some of the reasons why Medilog Darwin HRV is so important.... Low HRV is considered as an independent marker of mortality risk but, it is important that the beat to beat variation is real and not caused by inaccuracies of the equipment due to poor sample rates and resolution. Medilog Darwin HRV provides the best beat to beat measurement available non-invasively, and is an ideal tool for detailed research into HRV and its associated conditions.
Using extended data export in formats such as MatLab, Microsoft Excel, ISHNE and MIT, Medilog Darwin HRV now puts reliable, affordable and non-invasive screening in the hands of the people that make a difference.

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