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Medilog Darwin

Medilog Darwin

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Product Information

Medilog Darwin Holter Analysis. Think what you could do with a Holter that Is 99.9% accurate. A Holter system that....
  • Broadens the detection of cardiac diseases
  • Learns as it analyses
  • Built-in digital/analog interface allows for full DAT interface
  • Just takes 3 mouse clicks to load, analyse and print
  • Works the way you choose
  • Keeps you in control

Holter analysis involves the continuous recording of a patient's electrocardiogram (ECG) over an extended period - usually 24 hours. Chest electrodes are attached to a small recorder to record the heart's electrical activity while the patient engages in his or her usual daily activities. The recording is then analysed by a computer to diagnose any problems with the heart's rhythm. Using the unique Medilog ADAPTTM analysis algorithm, which is 99.9% accurate, Medilog Darwin has been designed to analyse 24 hours of ECG and produce a detailed report in less than 90 seconds. The Medilog ADAPTTM analysis algorithm uses advanced signal processing and pattern recognition techniques to do full three-channel analysis. This means that if two out of three channels of ECG are unusable, Medilog Darwin will continue to analyse the ECG accurately. With its unique P-wave detection and atrial analysis, Medilog Darwin analyses the complete ECG to broaden the range of cardiac diseases that can be detected.

For ease of use, Medilog Darwin has specialised workflows, which can be customised to create an efficient working environment. It also has an exciting selection of high-resolution viewing and editing features, with the convenience of choosing either prospective or template editing and the flexibility of viewing the data in a variety of unique formats. All of these features alleviate the pressure of viewing large sections of data and aid the detection of acute abnormalities. Designed to work effectively on high performance computers, the Medilog Darwin software can be supplied as a kit or pre-installed on a computer manufactured to the latest hardware specification, including a DVD writer and elegant flat-screen display. There is also the option of twin flat screen displays, to enhance multi-tasking possibilities and ease of viewing. The system can either be used as a stand-alone system or networked, and is fully compatible with HL7 and Hospital Information Systems. Together with the Medilog AR4 and Medilog AR12 Holter recorders, the system is suitable for both general Holter analysis and clinical research.

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