Petite Mouse

Product Information

The Petite Mouse Medical Grade, waterproof, hygienic optical mouse is specially designed for use in medical, industrial and marine applications.

The mouse is compact in size and features a 5-buttons designed for right & left clicking and scrolling up and down just like to a conventional non-waterproof mouse.

This waterproof and chemical resistant mouse can be disinfected with standard cleaners and disinfectants, alcohol and even 10% bleach solution.


  • May be disinfected as part of an infection control program
  • Suitable for moist and dusty environments
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning
  • Built to last – limited lifetime warranty available
  • Three extra buttons for effortless scroll up, scroll down & scroll lock

Part No: PM/W5
Brand: Infection Prevention Products

£125.00 (+VAT)

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