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Automated software for the measurement of the thickness and the stiffness of the artery from the same ultrasound scan.​

​Analyzing sequences of ultrasound images of the carotid artery in order to provide information on the state of vascular health and cardiovascular risk. The system is able to calculate both structural and functional parameters simultaneously:​

  • Intima Media Thickness​
  • Wall cross-sectional area​
  • Stroke changes in diameter​
  • Cross-sectional compliance​
  • Cross-sectional distensibility​
  • Young’s elastic module

Simultaneous measurement
Of the parameters of thickness and stiffness of the artery with assessment of the elastic properties of the arterial wall material.

Echotracking precision
The analysis is based on an innovative mathematical operator that overcomes the spatial resolution limitations of the conventional B-mode ultrasound images. With this new technology, a precision comparable with that obtainable with an echotracking system is obtained.

Real-time analysis
The ultrasound scan can be more easily optimized if real-time image analysis is shown.

Easy editing
The automatic analysis can be corrected and supervised by an expert operator, excluding signals characterized by low signal-to-noise ratio or the presence of outliers.

​Carotid Plaque Measurement​

  • Single image processing facilitates offline assessment of carotid plaques including​
  • Min diameter [mm]: minimum value of the diameter.​
  • Max diameter [mm]: maximum value of the diameter.​
  • Linear stenosis [%]: percent of linear stenosis(computed on the diameter)​
  • Area stenosis [%]: percent of area stenosis (computed on the cross section area)​
  • Plaque area [mm2]: area of the plaque​
  • Plaque perimeter [mm]: perimeter of the plaque​
  • Plaque mean: mean value of the grey levels in the plaque​
  • Plaque std dev: standard deviation of the grey levels in the plaque​
  • Plaque skewness: skewness of the grey levels in the plaque​
  • Plaque kurtosis: kurtosis of the grey levels in the plaque

How to perform carotid analysis

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