High Speed Tilt Table

Head up tilt table testing is described as an orthostatic stress test and has become the predominant investigation for the determination and assessment of vasovagal syncope, postural hypotension and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). The development of tilt-table services to-date has been focused on sourcing and procuring the required suite of cardiovascular monitoring equipment, a non-invasive continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure monitor and ECG monitoring to diagnose patients with such orthostatic intolerances. The Finapres NOVA beat-to-beat blood pressure Monitors have become established as the standard for patient monitoring in this application area.

The tilt-table, although a key component in establishing a syncope service, has not been subject to the same scrutiny or development. Many tables were originally supplied to the rehabilitation and physiotherapy markets and by default are now generally applied to syncope services. However, the features that make them suitable in the rehabilitation unit – the lack of a negative tilt facility, slow 28 second tilt speed, narrow width, and slow recline speed in an emergency needed addressing for the head-up tilt-table unit.

The AGA high speed tilt-table has addressed each of these issues and is specified to meet the requirements of the head up tilt table / syncope test. The tilt table can be tilted quickly from horizontal to a nearly vertical, positive tilt position and back to a negative tilt with the head end tilted downward at a 20° angle.

The tilt tables (part number KT-1062/E are equipped with one electric motor and foot pedal for smooth tilt adjustment (+74° to -20°). In the horizontal position, the upholstered table top is 730 mm high. The tilt tables are supplied as standard without height adjustment, motorised height adjustment from the addition of another motor and foot pedal is available as an option.


Tilt Table Specifications:

  • Tilting angle – negative 20º to upright 70º
  • Electronic tilting from 0º to 70º in 10 seconds @ 14mm/sec
  • Electronic return to -20º in 14 seconds @ 14mm/sec for enhanced patient safety
  • Adjustable back rest for assessing postural changes
  • 2 restraining belts and increased width to maximise patient security and comfort

Tilt Table in Operation

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