Endothelial Function Testing – (Vicorder)

Operator independent testing for FMS / PAR measures of endothelial function.

FMS – Flow Mediated Slowing

Cuff based non-invasive exam evaluating bPWV reactive hyperaemia

The Vicorder provides Flow Mediated Slowing or FMS testing as an operator independent alternative to the FMD test procedure, leveraging on its underlying physiological principles. The fully automated protocol induced reactive hyperaemia leads to NO activated tone modulation and vessel diameter increase and pulse wave velocity in the stimulated limb decreases. As Pule Wave Velocity is inversely related to distensibility, a dilation of the brachial artery will cause a drop in brachial PWV.

Post-occlusive brachial hyperaemia induced flow-mediated slowing (FMS) of bPWV, is measured between the wrist and the upper arm with a fully automated, adjustable protocol and post-acquisition editing and reporting.

How to measure endothelial function using FMS

PAR – Pulse Amplitude Recording

non-invasive exam evaluating digital reactive hyperaemia with PPG

Whilst FMS evaluates the hyperaemic response of brachial artery Pulse Wave Velocity, PAR records arterial pulse volume changes in the microvasculature of the fingertip. Reusable photo pulse plethysmograph or PPG sensors (no recurrent costs/consumables per test) are clipped to the L/R index fingers of the test subject. The automated protocol controls cuff inflation attached to the upper or forearm on the side where the hyperaemic reaction will be tested. The operator is guided through an automated exam procedure, with continuous recording and display of pulse volume changes derived from the PPG sensor signals. In a pre-recording phase, PPG wave amplitudes are normalized, allowing a real-time evaluation of the test as it proceeds through occlusion phase and recovery.

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