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SMART Medical Limited has collectively over 50 years personnel experience in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of medical monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic systems, mainly within the fields of cardiology and vascular.

Our core products represented within the UK and Ireland are:

  • Finapres NOVA Plus beat-to-beat blood pressure & haemodynamic monitors, featuring GAT Guided Autonomic Testing and Tilt-Table protocols (Finapres Medical Systems, Netherlands)
  • Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound (Compumedics DWL Germany)
  • Biosignal acquisition & physiological sensors (Plux Biosignals, Portugal)
  • Vicorder vascular testing & pulse wave analysis/velocity (80 Beats Medical, Germany)
  • SphygmoCor XCEL central blood pressure and arterial stiffness (Atcor Medical, Australia)
  • ECG Holter analysis and recorders (Schiller, Switzerland)
  • Autonomic Function & Heart Rate Variability monitors & software (Bittium, Finland)
  • Cardiovascular Suite 4, FMD & CIMT/Plaque software (QUIPU, Italy)
  • Mobile system carts / trolleys & stationary equipment mounts (iTD, Germany)
  • High speed tilt tables (AGA, Germany)

SMART Medical is committed to providing the latest technology, backed by high levels of customer service and support. At SMART we pride ourselves on developing successful relationships by encouraging close co-operation, placing customers’ needs at the forefront of our business.

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