Schiller medilog DARWIN2 ​

Product information​

medilog DARWIN2 Holter analysis software is designed to meet the immediate demands throughout cardiology, stroke, private services and general practice. The automatic analysis provides fast and extremely accurate results designed to target cardiac anomalies, stratify risk whilst saving time and reducing costs.​

​Fast AF Screening that utilises the high resolution ECG of the medilog AR recorder to identify P waves in real-time for accurate atrial fibrillation screening and ECHOView for instantaneous detection of AF onset, medllog DARWIN2 is the choice for both outpatient and inpatient diagnosis of all atrial disorders.​

​Flexible workflows are configurable to meet the requirements of all users to maximise analysis efficiency. Medliog DARWIN2 incorporates all the required tools and features as standard including sleep apnoea, pacemaker, ST/QT analysis in combination with the standard template based analysis and configurable reports.​

​Product features include​

  • Local database or network installation – medilog DARWIN2 is supplied with inbuilt server software to enable both local installation and integration into existing servers/networks.​
  • Soft licenses facilitate user access across shared networks to maximise capacity​
  • Medlog DARWIN2 can be installed on all workstations to enable upload/download/review without additional costly licenses​
  • Recording upload from anywhere with medilog DARWIN2 Liberty for organisations with patients in remote locations​

Schiller medilog AR Holter Recorder ​

Product information​

medilog AR Holter recorders enable atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter detection in zero seconds thanks to real-time P-wave analysis. Easy to use, fast and hygienic to handle, flexible dual-battery concept for more than 14 days recording duration and user changeable ECG leads.​

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