1-Channel Biosignalsplux Kit

The 1-Channel biosignalsplux Kit is the ideal solution for research applications requiring the acquisition of a single biosignal, enabling data collection from a single sensor with 16-bit resolution and up to a 1000Hz sampling rate. The device's internal battery supports up to ~16h of continuous data streaming, maximizing both device performance and application outcomes. Included in this kit is our proven Bluetooth USB dongle, ensuring a stable and reliable connection between the 1-Channel device and your computer.


  • 1 generic analog port
  • 1x audio intensity sensor
  • 1x triaxial accelerometer and triaxial magnetometer
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Up to 1Khz
  • battery life ~ 16h streaming
  • Size: 54x35x15mm
  • weight; 45g (without sensors)

NB: This kit does not include any sensors.

£495.00 (+VAT)

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