OxyT Pulse Oximeter

Meditech Pulse Oximeter with PC Software

Product Information

Meditech handheld pulse oximeters feature full color TFT displays, touch screen available on some models, switchable audio and visual alarms for Sp02 and Pulse Rate. Pulse histogram and Sp02 wave display. Various review options and report options with USB or BlueToothTM wireless connectivity. Rubber adult Sp02 probe.

OxyT Features:

  • Large Full Color Touch Screen monitor, (Pixels: 160*128, 256K color) 4.1″
  • Built-in audible and visual alarms for SPO2 and pulse rate
  • Pulse oximeter perfusion index (PI)
  • Real-time clock for time and calender
  • Pulse histogram and SPO2 plethysmograph waveform
  • USB or wireless interface for database or synchronous PC display
  • Oximetry record by value and trend with patient details via touchscreen data input
  • Built-in memory stores up to 24 hours of downloadable data
  • Battery voltage indicator for internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Advanced software for sleep study and monitoring

Part No: OxyT
Brand: Infection Prevention Products

Original price was: £135.00.Current price is: £99.00. (+VAT)

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