Really Cool Touch Keyboard

Product Information

When space is at a premium, the Really Cool Touch is the answer.  This keyboard has an integrated touchpad mouse, so there is no need for a separate Mouse. These keyboards are durable, sealed  and waterproof and without a separate mouse, means one less thing to clean and disinfect.

Compact Format

You get the high-quality features of our finest submergible keyboard in a more compact format that fits where you need it.

Ideal for medical environments of all kinds, Really Cool Touch features superior tactile feedback, quiet keys, and the outstanding reliability and performance.


  • Integrated touchpad
  • Sealed silicone design. Dust-free, contaminant-free and water-resistant
  • No moving parts to minimize failures
  • Full size standard keyboard
  • Tactile feedback similar to standard keyboard
  • Cleans with soap and water
  • Optional use Cleaning Reminder Key
  • Easy to install; drivers not needed
  • USB
Backlight and MagFix functionality is available as a product add-on.

£299.00 (+VAT)

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