SMART Medical Support the 38th Marathon Des Sables 2024 Legendary Ultra Marathon

by | Apr 18, 2024

SMART Medical and our partners QUS – Body Connected have jointly sponsored and support an elite ultra marathon runner at the 2024 Marathon Des Sables. The 250km epic race across the desert in Morocco is being held from the 14th April over 6 gruelling stages with participants carrying everything to be self-sufficient throughout the course of the event

The QUS Body Data platform is a washable smart textile combining accurate body data measurements for athletes and military applications. Sensors integrated within the fabric record/relay data via the web or mobile device app for the display of performance parameters including ECG/HR/Respiration/Temp/Force/Load Factors and GPS.

The provision of wearable continuous biometric monitoring in extreme environments is essential for the enhancement and safety of human performance in training, sports and combat environments.

The QUS Body Performance platform is lightweight, breathable and affords unrestricted mobility to the wearer, essential when running across hostile environments including the Sahara desert. Human biometric monitoring provides an insight into current performance, safety and potential for enhancement to reach new heights.

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